If the oxygenator breaks down, I get suffocated. If the water catcher breaks, I die of thirst. If HAB cracks, I’m just going to explode. If none of these things happen, at some point I will run out of food and starve to death. So yeah, I’m on the shit.

The book Martian is everything you wanted from a short story. The book is also the book behind the movie “The Martin”

Think of the book as, Apollo 13…. On mars…… BEST SPACE ACCIDENTS.

The book is about an astronaut who is left on Mars when his crew thought he was killed by a sandstorm. Now he is stranded on Mars, and must take up the fight against Mars, the lifeless planet.

The first pages he asks many questions to himself, and answers them himself. Mark Watney who is the book follows, was the first people to go to Mars, and now he is probably also the last person to die there. Mark is now stranded alone on Mars, and gets to avoid the loneliness, and madness. If he speaks to the video journal, we know him best when he speaks to the journal.

Andy Weir who wrote the book. Started writing science fiction books in his twenties and publishing his work on his website. He was a former computer programmer.

This book is not for discussion. I can not think of a more suspenseful, humorous and ingenious book, unforgettable. 5/5. No doubt

Curiosity is a key to experiences and an exciting life

When I was little, one of my best experiences was turning a large rock or a piece of rotten wood and seeing the through of life tingling. There were bench bites, millipedes, snails, beetles, and worms. When I was younger, I remember how scared I was of the little creatures. Later, when I got braver and have caught a few, I remember researching what those creatures are; called, and I remember seeing a butterfly for the first time. Why was it soo amazing? You know when you see something strange for the first time, and you; just look at it all day long.

We may not think about it, but curiosity is the foundation of discovery, knowledge and exploration. Our curiosity is automatically turned on when something unexpected happens or hears, sees, smells, and feels something that makes you investigate whatever it is. Curiosity governs our development. Growing up is a major; reason why we get an education and later a job. Science is in itself to be actively curious, why do you have blue eyes? Why is some more right than others? I can give an example, the other day I had come home on my bike, and bike enjoy filled past when I hear the ambulance behind me driving at full speed down the street and stopping abruptly, and the first thing that pops up is what happened? You get curious if there something that pops up in your everyday life, they come and go, but you do not forget it. I still remember when I was travelling, I can’t remember where, but I remember I saw a crab on the beach; and followed it,being curious is not just our qualities. To get better at being curious, I walk around looking at the world in a new way every day before, to perhaps see a difference in the paths that I know I have walked past a thousand at a time. And I find that poem is the best observation tool. One thing that can turn a good poem into a great poem is adding details. And this might encourage you to become more observant in everyday life. For example, if you walk by a lake, you might think at first, “That is a blue lake.” But after writing a poem, you might take a closer look at it and think, “That is a navy blue lake with small, rippling waves that’s filled with regal, white geese and surrounded by thick, green pines.” So the poem is a powerful observation tool.

The emperor’s new clothes – poem

The author behind the story of the emperor’s new clothes.

The picture above is the author of the story of the emperor’s new clothes. I was one of those who have read the story as young and loved it. But I have just made it shorter and tried to add rhythm to it, so more people get to love poems and stories. I hope you enjoy it, if you loved it. Then like or comment.

They said their clothes were so special
That only the very intelligent and worthy
People could see them. To someone foolish
Their clothes would be just invisible.

The Emperor, so fond of clothes, told them
To make clothes for him too. He paid the
Dressmakers a lot of money and gave them the best gold
Threads in the land. But the two dressmakers who were actually
Cunning thieves never used any of the money or gold threads. They put
All of it their own pockets.

After a few, the thieves invited the Emperor to come and see the
Clothes they had made for him. The Emperor was a bit nervous because
These clothes were invisible to anyone foolish. So he sent one of his top
Ministers to see the clothes.

When the minister reached the dress makers' place, he could not
See anything! "good heavens," he thought, "is it possible that I am a fool?
I must be since I cannot see the clothes!"

"What do you think of the beautiful and rare clothes, minister?" asked
The cunning dressmakers, pretending to be picking up the clothes to

The minister did not want them to think and for the Emperor to find
Out that he was a fool, so he replied, "They are certainly the most beautiful clothes I have ever seen in the world! I will be sure to tell the Emperor"

The Emperor then sent two more of his best officers of the kingdom to see the clothes. Both the officers never saw anything there but they did not want to seem foolish so they said the clothes were the best.

Everyone kept telling the Emperor that the clothes were
Wonderful. The Emperor finally decided he would go and see for
Himself. So the Emperor, along with his minister and the officers, went.
The Emperor stood before the mirror, gazing at his own naked body, and said,
"It is rather an excellent fit, isn't it"

When it was time for the procession, his rather surprised servants, carrying
His make-believe train followed the Emperor through the streets of the city.
He waved and he smiled, and because everyone had heard that only lazy.
Fools couldn't see his marvellous new outfit, they all applauded.

"What a wonderful outfit! How fine the Emperor looks!" they said.

And then the Emperor passed a child, who said, "but he hasn't got anything on!"

The child's father tried to shush him, but a whisper soon spread through the crowd.

"The child is right" they muttered. "He's not wearing anything. He's as naked
Like the day he was born!" Until, at last, everyone shouted, "But he hasn't got
anything on!" Soon everyone was guffawing with laughter.

The Emperor heard them and, deep down, he suspected they
Were right. However, rather than risk being taken for a fool,
He carried on grinning and waving with his head held high,
Trying to ignore the chilly breeze around his bottom!

Also read the ugly duckling by the same author :

Is this a dream? – Poem

This poem is made by a blogger called : Paintings with word, and loved it so much, so I decided to reblog it. And yeah, enjoy.

check them out :

A topsy turvy world is where I come from.

The land is above the sky.

The birds swim and the fishes fly.

A new born talked about jewels.

A dying man promised a life.

I lived a thousand lives.

And yet,

None I can call mine.

Is this a dream or is that?

Coronavirus – poem

It's like Lassavirus
But Coronavirus
The world was filled iris
But the virus is like Osiris
It came silently
But became violently
It created anxiety
It closed the society
Felt pity
For the dead's family
The family, who fights for their bread
Some are unfortunate
Some are fortunate
The virus created turbulent
And reached the Maldives
The virus reached the corners of the world
It has created a netherworld
No one is allowed to go around.
There a virus called Covid-19
and it has closed everything down.
Covid-19 is like a bushfire,
Reminded me of Australias bushfire
Spreading to all parts of the world
And everyone is in fear
We can sleep late in the morning
We've nought to waken for
No work to do, but in the house
No lunches to pack any more.
We can work on jigsaw puzzles
And let the dished go
So nobody will know.
It was morning, and the news was on
Now it's dawn
What can we do?
I have no clue?
Playing chess, using only the pawn
Now I am mowing the lawn, what else can we do
In every tunnel is Cyrus
Which shines its light on us
We can be the truss of the bridge
The beautiful pepperidge
We can be as strong, as the strong nuclear force?
Of course,
Covid-19 is so mean
That everyone is in quarantine.

Ugly duckling

 It was a sunny spring day on the farm. 
 Under a tall tree, a black cat went to sleep in the sun. 
 In the farmyard, the farmer fed his cows, 
 And little white lambs ran in the field. 
 Mother Duck took her ducklings back to the farmyarrd. 
 The duckling walked behind their mother 
 One, two, three, four, five…six. 
 They walked past the lambs in the field. 
 They walked past the cows in the yard. 
 They walked past the black cat
 Mama duckling frowned 
 Other duckling clowend 
 The other ducklings taunted him
 And teased him till he cried. 
 They called him names, till
 he want to run away and hide 
 he was an ugly duckling
 "feathers all stubby and brown"
 "I have the nose of an ant eater, "
 "I'm lanky, and not that tall "
 "Big feet and strong legs"
 "Smelled like rotten egg." 
 So he ran away, 
 It was summer now, and the sun was hot. 
 The ugly dukling ran across green fields. 
 He ran up and down hills. 
 He swam across rivers, and he swam across streams. 
 He flapped his wings, and ran faster. 
 One morning, the ugly duckling was
 on the pond with his friends. 
 He heard a sound. 
 "It's a dog!" he cried
 "I can hear a dog barking!"
 he saw the big black dog as it ran through the tress. 
 Then he saw a man with a big bag. 
 The ugly duckling was very scared.
 It was autumn now, and the wind was cold.
 The ugly duckling ran across brown fields. 
 He ran up and down hills. 
 He swarm across rivers, and he swarm across streams.
 The ugly duckling ran and ran.
 He flapped his wings, and ran faster.
 But the cat and the little bird did not like the ugly duckling
 They laughed at him and took his food.
 One day, as the ugly duckling sat in the sun, 
 The cat and the little bird came up to him . 
 They looked at his big feet, and his strong legs
 And his spiky wings, and his long necks. 
 She mumbled : "feathers all stubby and brown"
 "I have the nose of an ant eater, "
 "I'm lanky, and not that tall "
 "Big feet and strong legs"
 "Smelled like rotten egg." 
 Now it is spring, 
 He stood upon a river bank 
 And saw some swans fly past
 Such lovely birds with outstretched necks-
 Their beauty unsurpassed.
 'such elegance and grace,' thought he,
 As they flew across the sky,
 And the ugly duck felt very sad
 And gave a mighty sigh. 
 He wandered down the river bank 
 As unhappy as could be
 Then, reflected in the flowing stream, 
 Well, just what did he see? 
 He saw exactly what he was
 A duck? Oh, no,no,no! 
 A gorgeous bird looked back at him
 With feathers white as snow. 
 "I'm not an ugly duck at all!"
 I'm a lovely swan!'  he cried, 
 And a feeling of pure happiness
 Welled up from deep inside.
 The other swans came flying back 
 And welcomed their new friend, 
 And here we'll leave him, loved by all, 
 For my poem's at its end.  

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Seat belt

Hej allesammen, i dag har jeg igen skrevet en digte, nyde digten.

af : Muhammad ansar Mehmood

Just wait till you hit that brake
Cuz something funny or force will act on you
You swerve it you smash into the dash
A little glass, I can’t say that you won’t deserve
it’s only one crash and your life is Hurt

Force & motion
The seatbelt has an opposing force
Stops the body from continuing to move forward
Seatbelts protect us during a car crash

Train. Car. Aeroplane.
Its always there but people ignore it
Its always their people never see it
Its always there but people treat it as if
It’s invisible

People who created them
Wasted time coming up with the idea
They ain’t stupid
They made it for a reason
You know that reason but your always
Don’t care.

Then all of a sudden they saw a great flash
“Oh, God please help us! We’re going to crash”
She doesn’t remember the force of the impact
Just that everything all of a sudden went black
She felt someone remove her from the twisted rubble
And heard “Someone call an ambulance! “These kids are in trouble”

Guess the country # 1

Hej allesammen, i dag ville jeg gerne have en feedback på en af min digte på engelsk. Så i skal gætte hvilken lande det omtales om?

Entring a country
sundry building
One building which is called after Sir benjamin hall
This country has fought in the world war
Maby it’s small but it’s strong
Made spitfire, to stop the invasion
Ended the invasion, which required concentration

Has monarch
A Constitutional monarch
Royal Guardsmen protecting her majesty
This country has had its tragedy
This country loves red
Has it on its flag, Said to have on Busses, post boxes and guardsmen
If you’re a Rugby fan, then you should know ‘The red rose’

If you still don’t know this country
This country is famous for some tea
And Fish and Chips

Market food,
Spicy hot,
Fruit and veg,
Golden pots.

Big red buses
Electric trams,
Traffic jams.

Down the stairs,
To the tube
Escalators on,
The move.

Big ben,
Towering high,
Cars and taxis,
Roaming by.

A big eye
Infrastructure is high
Going slowly around
Can be found and seen from far

  • Lavet af : Ansar Mehmood

Guess the country #18

Okay, I know that I have been writing everyday for 34 days, and in those days, you might have noticing that I have been writing poems about different countrys, and there is a reason for that, which I will explain to you guys later on the year, when I am finished with it, but I can give a spoiler alert (I am writing a poem book called, guess the country).

But there will be more about that, later on. But for now, you can enjoy some poems about …… ( A country).

Carpathian mountains and deep lakes
Golden hills and Green valleys
Magical forests and clear rivers
Unique waterfalls and holy places
Ancient black sea and the mysterious Danube
Prehistoric villages and modern cities
A melodious language and authentic food
Transfagarasan road and Bucharest, the capital
Golden wheat and delicious corn
Sunflower oil and bird songs
Wild animals and the Bran castle
Art museums and so many parks
Cold winters and warm summers
Sweet springs and autumn rains
All these are treasures of our nation
Delighted visitors and proud citizens

Guess the country #17

One aspect of geography is to learn about the many nations that exist around Earth.  In fact, some studies suggest that understanding where countries are makes us feel more diplomatic.

From the seven continents to the myriad of cultures comprised on each one, geography links us all together. Our cultures often develop as a response to the physical geography of the world around us, and to the different kinds of people we have access to. Now, with the internet, we can interact with anyone with just the click of a button.

Understanding a country’s culture is a sign of respect. It also helps to foster effective communication, a vital factor in business success. … Values and attributes such as frugality, trust and endurance may be viewed differently in other countries

When students—or executives—get to know and understand different cultures, they realize that there is more than one way of thinking and that no one way is better than another. Cross-cultural learning helps them become better employees, negotiators, leaders, and international citizens. And with this pandemic the best time for learning and no better way to learn than through the power of poems.

It's September 16th,
On their independence day!!
They celebrate freedom from Spain
And the ring bell for today.

A celebration with flags,
Parades, and songs too.
A celebration with fireworks

So bring out the flag.
Of Red, White and Green,

They are famous for,
Tortillas and salsa
Are fun to eat.
On Cinco de Mayo

They dance and play music.
Until the day is done.
They hit the pinatas.
And have so much fun!

Guess the country #16

The symbols of their country
Mean more than what we see.
A bald eagle is a symbol.
That is fierce and strong and free.

Their flag flies across the land; waves red, white, and blue.
It shows their pride in where they live.
It stands for freedom, too.

Oh! The wonderful; beauty of the Himalayas puzzles me;
The Rajasthani Thar desert sweats me;

With rivers, sweet fountains,
it's a land of high mountains,
Its frozen forests are pretty,
And are the source of prosperity.

The year 1931 was a landmark in the history
Of the flag. A resolution was passed; adopting a
Tricolour flag as their national flag. This flag, the
Forbear of the present one was saffron, white
And green with Mahatma Gandhi's spinning
The wheel at the centre. It was, however, clearly
Stated that it bore no communal significance
And was to be interpreted thus;

It has 28 states and 7; union territories
There are 18 official languages.
144 languages, 216
Mother tongues and 900 dialects
National language: English: commonly used for
National, political, commercial & educational purposes.
The largest country, 2nd populous (1.08 billion).

a poem a day keeps the depression away