Apply These 6 Secret Techniques To Improve Poem

There are many reasons to appreciate poetry. While the digital age is booming. That means attentions are shrinking and focus is altering. With 140-character communication on Twitter, picture and visual postings on Pinterest, and classrooms shying away from difficult material in favour of easy reading and easy grades, poetry has become one of the most underutilized, and underestimated, mediums in modern culture. It’s not only that poetry allows us to understand ideas and emotions in a far more meaningful way, but through continually in a far more meaningful way, but through continually reading poetry, we ensure that these ideas are constantly being recognised yet in new and innovative ways each time the words come off the page. Poetry is so important because it helps us understand and appreciate the world around us. Poetry’s strength lies in its ability to shed a “sideways” light on the world, so the truth sneaks up on you. Poetry teaches us how to live.

Although there are hundreds of reasons to read poetry, here are five reasons why you should add some poetry to your reading list:

  • A poem gives good weight
  • Or as our motto is A poem a day keeps the depression away. And it’s true to some exitent. Here is why writing a poem before sleeping help you to sleep better (LINK).
  • Poetry redeems the world in words.
  • Poetry cultivates wonder and serenity
  • Readers of poetry dream better
  • Poetry teaches you how to pick the lock.

If you’re considering trying your hand at writing poetry or are looking to improve, here are some tips to help you get going.

  1. Read the work of a variety of poets.

The simplest way to improve your poetry is to read poems. You may be familiar with great poets like William Wordsworth, Walt Whitman, and Emily Dickinson but less familiar with contemporary poets and new poems. Part of becoming a better poet is constantly finding new poetry collections and reading contemporary literary magazines to expose yourself to new voices. There’s no harm in revisiting your favourite poems by great poets in an old poetry book, but part of becoming a better writer is finding new literary journals and expanding your poetry reading to include young poets and diverse voices.

2.Experiment with a different poetic form. There are many different types of poetry available to you. Even if there is a specific type of poem that you consider your bread and butter, it’s worth experimenting with different poetry forms. Try writing a short poem like a haiku. Write a longer narrative poem in free verse. Write a few quick nursery rhymes. Playing with form can help you build your poetry writing skills and find new types of poetry that fit your style.

3.Play with rhyme. As kids, our first exposure to poetry is through simple rhyme schemes, and oftentimes we write our first poems with the aid of a handy rhyming dictionary. There is much more to poetry than rhyming, and rethinking how you incorporate and structure rhyme scheme can help vary your poetry.

4.Keep a journal. Poetry is a powerful medium when it comes to using lyrical language and expressing poignant imagery. Keeping a journal can help you catalogue particularly striking images and thoughts as they occur to you throughout your day. Free moments can give you a chance to brainstorm and jot down your thoughts in your poetry journal.

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5.Explore new poetic devices. One of the exciting aspects of poetry is the many literary devices and poetic techniques at your disposal. Playing with alliteration or assonance can bring a variety of sounds to your work. Exploring extended metaphors and working in synecdoche or metonymy can bring layers of meaning to your work. Research various poetic devices and try incorporating new techniques into your poetry.

6.Edit. As with other forms of writing, good poetry is often found in the edit. Once you’ve finished a draft of a poem, give yourself some time before giving it a second pass and beginning the rewriting process.

Bouns :

Remember, there are no rules. There are no set rules in poetry. Give yourself the freedom to explore your craft and play with meaning and form. Don’t hold yourself back or worry about the final product. Some of your best work will come when you feel unconstrained and free to play.

Explore other types of creative writing. Writing poems doesn’t prevent you from exploring other forms of writing. Supplement your poetry writing with nonfiction essays and short stories in your free time. This will help your writing stay fresh and active and can also be a great way of adding additional writing income.


Poems are artistic expressions that demand that you appreciate them before you begin to reduce them to something explainable. Often, the most brilliant elements in a poem are very subtle and will be felt before they are understood. Remember, you are not just explaining what a poem does, you are explaining what it does to you. You are the medium in which the poem comes to life. Writing about poetry offers you a special opportunity to interact with a work of art.

Why writing a poem before sleeping, helps you get quality sleep.

Have you ever dreaded going to bed at night? You are afraid that when you turned off the light, you will just lie there with your eyes open and your mind racing.

I started experimenting with writing as an approach to dealing with the thoughts I have before sleeping which affected my sleep. Worrying gets in the way of getting a good night’s sleep. Stress makes it harder to sleep because the mind and the body are revved up and ready for action. The results can be unhelpful: lying in bed wide awake, having negative thoughts about sleep, and feeling frustrated because falling asleep isn’t happening. When you’re thinking about going to sleep but now you can’t sleep because you’re thinking too much about going to sleep.

The deepest thought is always at night, cause you’re mind isn’t distracted by your morning life. I have a whole journal dedicated to writing my worries. I can give you an insight into what I have been writing.

1 May 2021, I wrote a whole page, but I can give a few lines:

When you can’t sleep and start thinking about life. And you end up thinking about death, and you realize you’ll die someday

“Negative thinking from time to time is normal, especially depending on what’s happening in your life,” said Michael C. Marino, D.O., medical director of Geisinger Sleep Labs. “But if you have constant negative or anxious thoughts, your sleep may be to blame.”

But that raises a question: How does reading a book help? 

Yes, it can be helpful in accelerating the amount of time it takes to fall asleep. Because reading a book before bed is a known as a stress reducer, it can also help you fall asleep faster. Further, by distracting your brain with new information or someone else’s story, it can take your mind off of your own troubles.

So to help you with your sleep, it is important that you journal ever night or read a book. Why is journals so important?

The study found journaling reduced bedtime worry and stress, increased sleep time, and improved sleep quality. To try the technique used in the study, set aside 15 minutes each night for writing about a recent positive experience. Write about not only what happened, but also how you felt at the time. You can read more about the study.

But what journal should you choose? Well you can’t journal in ipads, iphone etc. Caouse that’s only going to disturb your sleep, so it has to be a physical journal. Well there are many types of ways to design your journals, but the best journal is cheep and can help with your messy thoughts. I would recomend using the classic Notebook with pen loop, it’s a A5 size, 180 pages.

Now you have a journal, keeping writing every night. And then when you wake up and solve that though, so you kind of relaxing the pressure/stress. Then my favourite part of it is to make those thoughts as a poem. Here is my worrying thought turned into a poem :

What if God told you
Only had 20 minutes to live?
All the people that did you wrong,
Would you finally forgive?
Would you be panicking,
Hoping you could somehow stay longer
Did the Lord's will on Earth,
And that's what made you stronger

Would you be upset?
Would you be confused?
Would you be content or convinced
That this was bad news...
Would you be alarmed?
Would you be elated, or would you be
Full of regret because of
All the time that you've wasted?

Why don't we talk about the dead?
Until our last breath.
We don't feel prepared.
That makes us scared.
Finality and uncertainty
Death can be frightening, even for people of faith.
Attending funerals,
Seeing headlines, numerals places.
About a relevant tragedy,
That let the family tragically.
Or having a health scare,
No one can prepare for the rare death,
Not even health care can cure death.
putting a too-bright spotlight on death.

Be serviceable for humanity
Help people with constant thirst.
Humanity for first.
Love for all hated for none.
Be that one and everyone
Will become like you.
You are hydrated
Some are Dehydrated.
Donate your time,
Full-time or part-time
You are comfy,
Some can't be comfy.
Help people, Then your death
deserve some peacefulness.
Be charitable
Consider death is inevitable

You see, life is full of questions.
Some are underrated.
Like, what if you got to Heaven,
Would you be shocked that you made it?
Life is full of questions...
Some are understated…

Science rap, and how it can help us with studying

Poetry is perhaps one of the oldest forms of literature, created long before the invention of writing itself and it continues to be extremely popular and appreciated today.

One of the main differences between poetry and rap. It the beat itself. Poetry leaves a lot of space for personal interpretation in terms of reading out loud and understanding the peace, while rap songs are quite strict about this. In addition, rap needs a musical background, thus listening to a rap song without the beat and the background instruments would diminish its effect. Poetry on the other hand can be left to the subjectivity of the reader in terms of pace and rhythm.

If you ask rappers what they think, the answers are very simple: most of them consider themselves poets and surely this is not far from the truth. The talent and skill required to compose a good rap song are comparable with the talent of a very skilled writer.

Rap music is poetry. This is because even the points argued against it such as the non-standard use of language in rap music do not hold water. Traditional poetry employed poetic devices which is the non-standard form of language. In summary, rap music is poetry and the opposition given lack viable support.

But as you probably rap have some stereotypes, if you didn’t know that, how long have you been under the rock? But rap always sees as something criminal or gangster rap, and something is racial. The stereotypes of aggression and violence in hip hop isn’t just a stereotype about the musical genre; at its core, it is a reflection of the way our society perceives black men. If the mention of hip hop invokes a feeling of distaste and an image of an irreverent black man with gold chains and tattoos but you are unable to name specific artists and the reasons you dislike their songs, this distaste has likely been informed by stereotypes.

Many rappers make good quality music, and how about not swearing. And makes good lyrics. I am talking about NF.

He is a great lyricist due to his amazing use of non-explicit words to describe his personal life and give personal advice to others.

But many rappers tend to swear, the reason is that swearing is used in rap music to show strong emotion and feeling swearing-in rapping is an expression word to just show feeling. But rap in the start was used as a protest against our government, to tell them. And the government wanted to censor raps, but that a whole history you can read about.

But the reason I brought that up is, that rap and poetry are the same, just without the beat. But the poetry/rap I like is the explanation raps/poetry. Before I read about a given subject in school, I used to search: photosynthesis rap, global warming rap, newtons 2 law rap. And those helped me big time, cause I don’t want to study 10 hours days before exams. I like to learn and know stuff. So I make boring subjects more enjoyable and I like them more. Because the rhymes schemes you remember for a long time. In the reading, you only remember about 50%, (but I do hope that you all remember all my poems).

Why did I talk about science?

Well, I am using poems in my studies. I am in stems school. So science a big deal of my day, so keeping up with everything can be hard. That is why poems help with my studies. I can give you an example, my sister is just begun learning exponent, and she couldn’t understand it. So I made a poem about it (you can read it):

If you like science and rap I recommend you this website:


Bring science to the classroom:

If you want to see something funny: SCIENCE RAP