Guess the country #48

Everywhere is green an indication there is an abundance of food 
Rivers flowing almost everywhere making water easily available 
Wild animals which are the pride,
Enable tourists from outside to visit us which is a source of income to 
Good leaders, you have given us who don’t encourage corruption. 

Many people work in agriculture. 
It shares Lake Victoria, the world’s second-largest freshwater lake, and has a vulture. 
In agriculture, they produce a lot of tea, coffee and flowers. 
Count your garden with the flowers. 
never by the leaves, 
count your days by golden hours, 
don’t remember clouds at all. 

Blessed we are with abundant natural resources, 
wildlife, minerals, forests and water masses, 
and several beautiful sceneries. 

Guess the country #47

Surrounded by seas, 
We spoke an indo-European language,
With the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, 
Persepolis as my capital,
At my height, I controlled from southeastern Europe to the Hindu Kush Plateau and the Indus. 
River in southwestern Asia, 
I am from where the mightiest empire of its time came along 
From where Cyprus the great captured Babylon,
Conquered people can keep their religion 
Keep their laws,
I’m from where the Royal Road came along, 
Trade grew from our roads, 
I’m from a polytheistic culture, 
Where Zoroaster changed our religious outlook.

Green, for life; 
Of reason, faith.
White to cease, 
Red for blood,
The price you paid.

The shape of the emblem is chosen to resemble a tulip,
In memory of those humans who died, 
Mythology says those humans who died, 
A red rose from their grave is besides, 

Guess the country #46

In world war 1
they were neutral
They use quetzal. 
Not quetzal bird 
But quetzal currency. 
quetzal bird live in fruitful

It’s not in Africa
But it’s in central America. 
This country is sunny. 
The land means in spanish 
“The land of many trees”
And flowers that are pollinated by bees
Many famous ancient palace
From the time of maya, 
they lived in Tikal.