• Top 6 reason as to why you should buy ‘Guess the country’ by ansar mehmood

    Top 6 reason as to why you should buy ‘Guess the country’ by ansar mehmood

    Buy my book. Be a detective and find out what country is written in this book. This book is for all of you travellers, geography lovers or poem enthusiasts. This book is for people, young and old regardless of their age. Or the curious-minded who are inspired to get out and explore the big world.

  • Yes, My Book Is Coming Soon

    Yes, My Book Is Coming Soon

    My long lasting dream of becoming an author, is now coming true. Within days, you can pre order the book. Which I have been working for nearly 3 months. I was finished with the book in like 50 days, but the marketing, submission,etc. Took much longer. You worked hard. You stayed up late, got up…

  • My rejection as a writer

    My rejection as a writer

    If you know, me from the poems I have written in the past, and I am still trying to write poems, but if you know me from that, you know I was writing a poem a day, and it was particularly about country, and so I decided to write a book, and that has been…

  • Last guess the country series #50

    Last guess the country series #50

    I cheer on racing camels as they pummel desert track.At The Top, the tallest tower takes me to the stars and back.A water park propels me through a tube of toothy sharks.I drift on dhows at sunset, seeking spice in souks at dark.Can you tell me where I am? I’d quite like to unpack! Abu…

  • Guess the country#49

    Guess the country#49

    The word ‘Merdeka’ is far more than just a public holiday, Our day of liberty when freedom was restored to stay, In honor of brave men that fought for it with their lives, Dodging lethal bullets and fighting against knives, It’s has the tallest mountain in southeast asia, Or another hint : What rhymes with…

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