Guess the country #9

Till some odd afternoon.
The alps neglect their curtains.
And we look farther on! 

Italy stands on the other side! 
While like a guard between-
The solemn alps. 
The siren alps.
Forever intervene! 

Where the rich landscape gleams with a softer hue 
The streams and vales, and hills that steal away. 

In the aqua mirror of Lucern 
Watching it’s image 
On the lion memorial of brave soldiers
weeping proudly to their country. 

With the touch of Rhine falls.
And the extreme cold of Mount Titlis

Green mountains, evergreen forests, seeing greenery everywhere
Whistling rivers, playful streams.

Such a place of wonder,
Why is it so magnificent?
Interesting that people recommend this place, 
Telling us it's great fun,
Zig-zagged peaks touching the clouds,
Efficacious creates effects beyond your dream,
Ruthless ski lifts taking us up to snowy heaven,
Land of adrenaline and exhilaration, 
Always picking you up when you're down.
 Nowhere else can quite match it, 
Don't know if I'm dreaming or I'm in heaven

Guess the country #8

Here is where
I grew up.
Here lie my roots
Even if I wasn't born here;

The flag is snow-white.
And rosy red.
It is said,
To be the oldest flag

With a high standard of living
Negligible poverty; and a broad range
Of public and social services; it's easy
To see why this country tops the
Happiness map. There's a high level of
Education. Public schools are top-
quality and private ones are
Affordable. The low population gives
The nation a strong sense of identity;
And country's physical beauty forms
A great backdrop to daily life.The
The weather is a bit tough, though.

This country is in Europe.
The southernmost and smallest of
The Nordic countries, it is
south-west of Sweden
And south of Norway,
bordered to the south is Germany.

And fun fact :
This country in WWII
And this isn't some glue
Border guards would
Screen homecoming people, the reason
By making them say the name of a dessert:
'Rødegrød med fløde'.
Due to its difficulty in;
German infiltrators;
could not pass the test.
And that messed the germans up.

Guess the country #7

On earth's part
All days start beautifully
Patiently it revolves and revolves
With its trees
And oceans and lakes
and volcanoes
The two of us and the rest of you
And all the animals.

Our country name may be trolling you
We are near Greenland, too
Reading the country name
May be misleading.
It's cold here,
There isn't anything cold about it,
You think I could be warmer,

Earthborn grating
We feel the pull
Underneath us.
Flows of lava running wild,
Sparks higlignling the
Bright blue sky
Their energy.
Comes from 100% renewable energy
Because the water is replenished
By rainfall and the heat is continuously produced inside the

The energy is generated in the earth's core, about
6000 km below the surface,
For those who use metric units,
May understand.
For American metric,
May not understand, it is
4000 mills.