Freshly planted gardens
Blossoms in the trees
Insects flying through the air
Gathering for teas
But being cation
They found a little courage
That simmered in the sun
They blended it with patience
And just a spice of fun
They poured in hope and laughter
And then with a sudden twist
Made us go home
Catching up with the latest news, using chrome
Happily being home, found time.
My spirit is high,
Investing my time in my interest.

The earth is warm, the sun's ablaze,
It is a time of carefree days;
And bees abuzz that chance to pass
May see me snoozing in the grass.
Thought tunnel reached its light
But it didn't look bright, delusion
Was only an illusion.

Scarecrows scaring crows
Red leaf yellow leaf any leaf
Football and holidays around the world
Sometimes sunny sometimes rainy
Sometimes both
The air is fragrant, crisp and cool,
And still, I'm stuck in virtual school

We need some fresh air
No one can bear each other
Can we tear some? Wall cover
Wearing the same cloths.
Morning Hair is,
My morning, and night, hair
My eyes red,
My eyes are dried
Station closed,
Nation closed,
Preparing for hibernation.

At the window. All is white.
The clouds have emptied overnight.
The birds are gone, the world is white,
The winds are wild, they chill and bite;
The ground is thick with slush and sleet,
The world is glowing
The school is closed.
A button paused on all routines.
Online school is a priority one.
I am done with a virtual meeting.
Going out to run, at least's fun
Open the library!
Where is my liberty?!!

Nearly a World war 3 treat
From a president that is,
famous for a tweet.

The road was slippery,
Books, poems is my fuel
And don't open the school.
I will lose my productivity,
The school makes you less creative.
Some subjects I like,
Some subject I dislike.

But time could not
Be kept at bay.

The more it goes,
The more it's gone,
The more it takes away.

The last is done, the next is here,
The same as it is every year;
Spring—then sunshine-autumn-snow
That is how each year must go,

Some people’s words and action are irresponsible
Many is home and staying safe, that’s responsible
It can only come from selfish people
Because of their action, their family may look at steeple