The emperor’s new clothes – poem

The author behind the story of the emperor’s new clothes.

The picture above is the author of the story of the emperor’s new clothes. I was one of those who have read the story as young and loved it. But I have just made it shorter and tried to add rhythm to it, so more people get to love poems and stories. I hope you enjoy it, if you loved it. Then like or comment.

They said their clothes were so special
That only the very intelligent and worthy
People could see them. To someone foolish
Their clothes would be just invisible.

The Emperor, so fond of clothes, told them
To make clothes for him too. He paid the
Dressmakers a lot of money and gave them the best gold
Threads in the land. But the two dressmakers who were actually
Cunning thieves never used any of the money or gold threads. They put
All of it their own pockets.

After a few, the thieves invited the Emperor to come and see the
Clothes they had made for him. The Emperor was a bit nervous because
These clothes were invisible to anyone foolish. So he sent one of his top
Ministers to see the clothes.

When the minister reached the dress makers' place, he could not
See anything! "good heavens," he thought, "is it possible that I am a fool?
I must be since I cannot see the clothes!"

"What do you think of the beautiful and rare clothes, minister?" asked
The cunning dressmakers, pretending to be picking up the clothes to

The minister did not want them to think and for the Emperor to find
Out that he was a fool, so he replied, "They are certainly the most beautiful clothes I have ever seen in the world! I will be sure to tell the Emperor"

The Emperor then sent two more of his best officers of the kingdom to see the clothes. Both the officers never saw anything there but they did not want to seem foolish so they said the clothes were the best.

Everyone kept telling the Emperor that the clothes were
Wonderful. The Emperor finally decided he would go and see for
Himself. So the Emperor, along with his minister and the officers, went.
The Emperor stood before the mirror, gazing at his own naked body, and said,
"It is rather an excellent fit, isn't it"

When it was time for the procession, his rather surprised servants, carrying
His make-believe train followed the Emperor through the streets of the city.
He waved and he smiled, and because everyone had heard that only lazy.
Fools couldn't see his marvellous new outfit, they all applauded.

"What a wonderful outfit! How fine the Emperor looks!" they said.

And then the Emperor passed a child, who said, "but he hasn't got anything on!"

The child's father tried to shush him, but a whisper soon spread through the crowd.

"The child is right" they muttered. "He's not wearing anything. He's as naked
Like the day he was born!" Until, at last, everyone shouted, "But he hasn't got
anything on!" Soon everyone was guffawing with laughter.

The Emperor heard them and, deep down, he suspected they
Were right. However, rather than risk being taken for a fool,
He carried on grinning and waving with his head held high,
Trying to ignore the chilly breeze around his bottom!

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