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This city contains a country and attracts the crowds to pray.
La Dolce Vita fountain blesses everyone with spray.
As chefs make doughy pizzas and frothy cappuccinos
The piazza is a rainbow of gelato and bombinos
I wonder if you might know where I've come on holiday?

By the Trevi fountain, I closed my eyes,
To share a life of happiness and joy.

As I glance at the ruined pillars
They give me shivers
To think, many years ago
This place filled with people, they're;
eyes were aglow.

This ruined marvel tells of legendary heroes
Making the arena the bloodiest of shows
As they bash, slash, slit and slice
Many lives have been given as a sacrifice.

The clang of armour, the clash of steel
The gladiator's fate is forever sealed
Only the strongest remain in the ring
Who will be crowned gladiator, supreme king?

Once their empire across the world,
People feared and trembled,
Wherever the flag unfurled,
With sharp teeth like a lion,
Devoured every foe,
No one could seem to stop them.
According to legend,
It was founded in 753BC by
Romulus and his twin
Remus. The brothers argued
And Romulus killed Remus.
He then named the city after himself.

Around the clock, around the world,
Across the globe, the flag unfurled,
When countries soon start fights and wars,
There's only one who does adore.

For the love of pasta changes minds,
Which helps the peace today refined,
Of all the hearts and souls rejoice,
Away goes one: the loudest voice.

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