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The Nordic land of the Midnight Sun.
Shines pure and clean in the brightness of day.
Summer arrives almost overnight.
When mountain streams cascade down in play.
The harsh grip of winter was hard to shake free.
High rocks of the gods, still topped in snow 
The spirits of Odin, Freya and Thor 
Oversee all in the valleys below 
While meadows fill with the bounty of life 
Majestic mountains stand mighty and true 
The very air is tingling, clean and sweet 
While glassy fjords reflect skies of blue. 
Rising in blue from the sea's grey and green, 
Islands around like fledgelings tender, 
Fjord-tongues with slender, 
Rivers, valleys, 
Mate among mountains, wood-ridge and slope. 

Vikings, Vikings of the land of snow, 
Away in their longboats … off they 

When they arrived on the shore, 
they screamed and gave a mighty 

They battled and shouted, they
bolted and bounded,
The thunder of Thor sounded out as
They pounded. 

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