Germanic meaning of this country,
Means 'east'
It can be rainy
Or sunny.
They called their, money.
A cup of water.
Is fresh from the mountains.
One-quarter of the population,
Live in Vienna.
Three bands of colour,
Red, white and red.
Oldest flag,
Waterfalls, nature
And Mountains overhead.
Is like America,
They have guns.
But nearly flat,
Crime chart.
Within in the crack of,
The borders.
Lies an important machine.
It's called CERN.
Witch turn atom,
Into burning plasma.
But hotter to find the beginning.
Fetching for the beginning.
62% are covered with
The Alps, the dread avalanche come,
crashing down.
How many leagues away is yonder town.
Set flower-wise in the valley? Far beneath
Out feet lies summer; here a realm of death,
Where never flowers have blossomed nor bird flown.
The ancient water-courses are al strown
With drifts of snow, fantastic wreath on wreath;
It may seem like they are paranoid.
But after being threatened during world war 2.
They needed a void,
Cause surrounded by five countries.
You can't blame them for being prepared.
In their bunkers and waiting for,
A Speed below 50 miles per hour.
To the aftermath is awaiting.