Never let the next to you
Get the best of yourself.
They are to damage you.
They keep lying to you.
They ain't friends with you.
Never let them come near to you.
They will never be useful to you.
They are there to suck the blood out of you.
Till no blood is left in you.
Giving rabies to you.
Then they will find a new friend just like you.
Never let big ben waste the time of yours.
Never let someone who isn't smart as you. Gas you up, and tell
You something that you didn't know.
They will always leave in time of need.
When you succeed, they will
Always to come indeed to say hi
Your response should always be a bye.
They come like reincarnation, as nothing,
happened before to you.

We aren't mute.
We aren't shy.
We aren't strangers.
Yet we remain with not a word escaping our,
Mouth, staring into a little rectangle of light.
Keep us busy all night. Making friends now,
It likes blinding your eyes, and then you got
To pick one best friend.

The alarm is on.
The fire alarm is on.
You are trapped, while
Everyone is running outside.
To the school lawn. Everyone is,
fearing. For their life.
While the sun hot flask,
screaming from the bottom of the lung
Your friend finds you, but
Acted as if, never saw you.
Be careful with the friend you choose. It should
Depend on the life of you. Your friendship,
Should be like Hal. One,
The minute you think we are friends.
The other minutes we become, enemy.
All those moments become lost in time,
Like tears in the rain.

Covering half their face with blue,
To be friends with you.
But you never saw the darkness
Behind the mask of them tho.
Helping you, to gain the trust yours.
To only betray you.
When the time is,
In need for them.
Like eating an apple,
To find out it was poison.

Like the sky is blue.
My writing is here, to tell the truth.
I am Marth from the future to tell, you
To learn your mistake.
And keep your friendship true.
Because yesterday is history,
Tomorrow is a mystery.
And today is a gift,
That why we call it, an present.