I love your green hill sand sunny vales,
your flowering trees and sunny dales.
When wandering through a starry night, the
firefly shines its dazzling light.

What mystery your Cayes unfold
so many legends never stood,
of the Baymen who bled and died
on the sands of Cayes for their pride.
Land of the free where none are slaves,
One people proud of their heritage,
black, white, Indian, Spanish people all
ready for their country's call.

the sign says campfires
they speak English 
the capital in, 
the old Maya empire

the blue hole is a submarine cave, 
or underwater sinkhole, 
the blue hole formed, 
and transformed it into a cave, 
during past ice ages, 
when sea level was as much as,
100-120 meters high. 

the dark blue waters, 
the city of Belize.  
Home of the second largest barrier reef.