Guess the country #36

Block by block it starts to rise, the great wall begins,
A barrier to stem the horde, marauding Mongolians,
Must be bigger and better, than ever attempted before,
Also should be breathtaking, far into the clouds will soar. 

Build a wall upon mountain ridges, never been tried before,
Yeah, it’s a pickle ok, most shall die, replaced by millions more,
Emperor decrees, “Thy Will Be Done” no matter what it takes,
Nothing can impede our way, even the country’s deepest lakes

Lo, the Beijing scene:
A hundred leagues in blurring haze,
A thousand leagues of floating dust.

Around the 3rd ring road
A stretch of thick fog white.
The Beijing's Bird Nest
Shrouded in grey depressed.

Lines of cars like snakes creep
Runways in smog locked deep,
Vying on the 6th ring road.

Only fine days can cars be dipped
Within and without wiped.

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