Even though there are 195 countries, some stand out on the map more than others. Russia, for example, is just over 17 million square kilometers, while the Canada, the United States, and China are all over 9 million square kilometers. Identifying those may not challenge your geography trivia too much, but this poem quiz game has many more countries that may test you. It’s getting more and more hard from now on. Knowing the history of a country tells about culture and ethnic diversity as to know its role. History helps in understanding that our position internationally, as a country, depends on the sacrifices made by our elders to make it how it is today. It helps in understanding our laws, as well as biases that develop. But for now, enjoy the poem.

A small country 
in eastern Africa
Bordered by Eritrea in the north. 
Ethiopia in the west and south. 
And Somaliland in the southeast.
The remainder of the border
is formed by the Red Sea 
and the Gulf of Aden. 
On the Arabian Peninsula. 
20 km from the coast, 
is yemen. 

Arriving in a country yesterday with Daallo Airlines, 
impressed by the peace the people are enjoying. 
In Somalia peace is a most expensive commodity which you can not get unless you go to war. 

I am 90% dried up 
The muse is gone 
Instead there is a desert of sand
Dry hot sand.