So, I have been writing a poem everyday for the past 67 days, and in that time I have made a series. Countries made into poems, and initially my plan was to publish a book when I wrote 195 country, but after talking with many people, I have decided to publish a book when we hit #50 country. So it will help if there are any recommendation to the poem or the book or any tips.

What is it about this island? 
That makes it to all paradise? 
Is it the people, plants, places 
That brings smiles to all faces. 
That venture into heaven on earth land? Spice isle!

The rain falls on whitewashed stones 
Trotting horses sweat out a day’s labour
Drawing many tourists thru streets 
worn by use in picturesque St George’s 

Oh! Mighty Grand Etang over yonder perched; 
A relic of some bygone disturbance,