The Berlin airlift

The cold war was just starting
There was no real war
It’s a bizarre thing
All eyes were on berlin
The city where the conflict begins
The date was June of 1948
Society planned to keep people in the state.
The east side for the soviets, and
The west side for the allies
Those that dare to cross, shall die.
The plan was to stop the rising of the west side
But President Truman was not about to let this slide.
He decided to supply via air
Stalin was like Whoa whoa whoa that’s not fair.
The plan was to be called operation vittles
and it was not something to belittle
The airfields were named Templehof, Gato and Tegle.
Delivering goods to each sector so people could settle
Swoosh with the sounds of planes flying overhead
The action was crucial to stop communism spread.
Started as 5000 tons per plane to get citizens what they need to obtain.
Later increased to 8000 tons per plane
Lives became harder and harder to sustain.
People commonly rationed electricity and fuel.
How to get supplies were their constant duel.
Black markets are where most goods were bought.
It’s the only place to find goods people most commonly sought.
In total, 1.5 million tons of supplies were shipped.
The US and Great Britain completely had the soviet’s plans ripped.
Every 30 seconds a plane takes off her lands
They will not leave this land.
Is the message Stalin now understands.
Citizens were all in on the plan.
They believed it was for a greater cause throughout the time span.
When the blockade lifted in may of 1949
Thousands stood waiting to enter in a line.
Just in case the wall was to be reinstated
The end date of the airlift was to be awaited
The berlin airlift was ended in September
A fascinating event you should remember.

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