Last guess the country series #50

I cheer on racing camels as they pummel desert track.
At The Top, the tallest tower takes me to the stars and back.
A water park propels me through a tube of toothy sharks.
I drift on dhows at sunset, seeking spice in souks at dark.
Can you tell me where I am? I’d quite like to unpack!

Abu Dhabi, al wasl, Sharjah, ras al Khaimah, Fujairah, ummul Quwain and Ajman, are ruled by the legacy of a benevolent ruler, Sheikh Zayed Al-Nahyan.
The country homes, warm; hospitable, civilized emiratis,
Who smiles and enchants every visitor to their country!

Come to Abu Dhabi,
Where the weather is fine.
Come to Abu Dhabi
Where the sun always shines.
There are a lot of things to see.
If you live in Abu Dhabi,
From the beauty of the Grand Mosque,
to the Arabian sea.

Sheikh Hamdan is the poet, a dream come true for the younger generation!
Yearning for a tulip in the desert sand was earlier a fantasy.
But the ruler of the emirates has made it a possible fact, a reality!

The country with its incredible skyscrapers and towers that loom
In the night appear, like a bride decked to meet her bridegroom.
This pristine beauty and glamour make me utter “Subhanallah,”
Let the people of this country and its rulers live ever happily

What will happen after this? I don’t know-if you can give me a idea of how to publish a poetry book it will help. Any ideas to make this more interesting? Let me know, down in the comment.

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