shield down calling all sci-fi fans

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Shield down is a great sci-fi book not just because of the story, but I am also a fan of astrophysics, so this book also gives you a footnote about the real physics behind it, so it’s amazing cause some time I would spend time reading the footnote because I just like it. But even though it was a story that I enjoyed, I kind of felt that the action was slow in the start, or the story just took time to evolve. But that is just my opinion, it does not take away from how the journey got me feeling a captivating experience. Something happened that made massive devastation one day, a huge gamma burst happened in April 2032, but one scientist found out years earlier this day would come, and governments around the whole world began to prepare for this day. Consequently, they tried to hide away from it. But were they ready for that? Who had been selected to be among the survivors? How were they selected? Will humanity survive? Moreover, the story is engaging, and the characters are well-developed. William De Berg did a great job. My favourite part was Bazany’s cave system. If anyone is in the mood for reading a sci-fi book with a realistic feel mixed with an apocalyptic theme, this book does the job.  

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It did have a few grammar mistakes, but otherwise, it was a great story. The flow was amazing, but I didn’t like the first 3 chapters not because the story wasn’t great, but the build-up took some time, and I like a fast-developing story, so that is just my preference. If I have to resemble it to something I would say it reminds me of the movie called 2012,  where the world would be destroyed by natural disasters and they made a boat, and they got their inspiration from Noah’s arc. I would recommend this book to astronomy and science fiction fans. Doomsday fans and conspiracy theories fans will be delighted. I award this novel 4 stars out of 4. You will find the story to be slow-paced and are thought-provoking and well worth your time. In the current day and age, we are experiencing a true apocalyptic world, so it was published at the right time. The author also achieved his goal of informing, provoking, and entertaining through a series of questions and statements on major historical events. 

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