Well, unfortunately Denmark lost the semifinal. AHHHH! We were so close to the final, but enjoy this poem about EM. If you don’t know what Em is then you are 100% living in usa, canada and just generally people not from Europe. EM is a football match or scorer, and yeah, enjoy. And Denmark lost to England, soo…. I stand with Italy. It’s not coming home. It’s coming to rome.

I stand on the field with my heart beating fast, 
Anxiously waiting for my teammate to pass, 
So I make my run into space, 
I beat the last defender with my outstanding pace. 

I take my first touch, and have the ball at my feet
Should I pass or should I shoot??
There's only the keeper to beat!!

It's not coming home, 
it's coming to rome. 

Now it's my time to shine and make the parents roar,