Writing poetry can be a therapeutic way of expressing oneself as well as entertaining others who identify with your pieces. Whether you are a beginner at writing poetry or not, you may find yourself in need of new material from time to time. At times, you may have an easy time getting your creative juices to flow but other times, you may have nothing to write no matter how hard you try. This may make it hard to come up with new poems especially if you plan on participating in any poetry competitions. In such moments, you may need a way to jumpstart your creativity and get you back on your writing pad. Some of the simple but effective methods that may help include:

  1. Read

In order to be a phenomenal writer, you must read broadly. Reading other poets’ works can help you expand your horizons. You will be exposed to new topics, word choices and even word delivery styles. Reading poems from different time periods as well as modern poetry can help you gain a better understanding of the evolution of poetry and where you fit in. It can also help you find new inspiration when you have none such as tackling modern issues using a classical poetic style. Being able to write in a variety of styles allows you to have a better chance of winning free poetry competitions.

  1. Practice

You may have heard it a lot but writing poetry is the only way to get better at it. When you are having a creative block, revisiting your old poems and going back to the basics can help you get back in the game. Try sticking to simple language and just let your ideas flow. Your first few drafts may not make much sense or be very good but they will get better. If you feel overwhelmed, you can always take a break but don’t overdo it. The long you stay away from writing, the harder it may be to get back into the groove. You can motivate yourself by entering poetry competitions. The sense of urgency in meeting the submission deadline might push you back into writing.

  1. Journal

Journaling is beneficial in numerous ways. It helps you keep track of your thoughts and ideas. This is not only beneficial for your mental health but also for your creativity. If you tend to have busy days, keep a small journal where it is easily accessible and note down the feelings, ideas or even inspiration you may come across during the day. When you need material for a personal collection or free poetry competitions, you will have several ideas you brainstorm on. This will allow you to choose the idea that you feel you relate most to in the moment and work on it. It will also give you more material for a rainy day where you may not be able to come up with an idea for a poem.

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