If you know, me from the poems I have written in the past, and I am still trying to write poems, but if you know me from that, you know I was writing a poem a day, and it was particularly about country, and so I decided to write a book, and that has been on my bucket list for a long time, and I took the leap and contacted big publisher, and the respond.

Here is all the rejection :

But, that was a small publisher, but I even published to Penguin. And here is, what they said :

And here is the rest :

But I write to many publisher, agents etc. and remember all this work for the submission of one book, I have written two books, one, the old followers know about, but one new which I wrote while I waited for the Peguin to write back.

Even though it can be hard to read the responds, you have to remember J.K Rowling also faced a lot of rejection.