If you want to see, what I Think or like etc you can follow me on Instagram, Facebook. I appreciate all of you, so I have been working secretly (not so secret anymore) for a big project coming soon, but also my book is nearly published, love you for follow me for the past couple of tough months through Corona, you have inspired me, given me motivation and helped me with writing two whole books, more on that when it’s fully published and established. So to celebrate this, I will soon be giving out some physical books, if you follow me on Instagram (ansarmehmood) and follow my YouTube channel (Ansar’s blog) and send me the screenshots. In the comment or my Instagram.

Thank you all. Hope we can achieve greater project, and I want to be a physicist, but I also want to do business and buy a farm. Because life is too short and with thousands of career, I can’t just choose one. Hope you will follow my journey, through poem, article,Diys.

thank you for commenting during lockdown.