Here is a fun thing about me, I have actually a liste over : “What I should write about”, I mean I have been writing everyday for 161 days. It can be hard to come up with “new ideas” . But that is nothing compared to how much : The art of blogging academy has been writing. So he followed my blog, and there was a link to his blog, so I said “Why not check it out”, and come to find out, his blog was all about blogging, and since I have been “struggling” with writing something you all will enjoy.

And so I subscribed to their email list, and since I have been getting 3-5 reminders of his blog, and I am thinking : I write one post everyday, but they write like 5 blog posts, that is 5*365 = 1825 blogs post a year, and I write 365 blog post a year, and thats nothing.

I have learned a lot from them, but I am not about to tell you what I have learned, because I say if you are a blogger you should read it yourself, because its actually useful tips and tricks.

Just check him out :

And to end this post differently, I have a list of things I want to write about, so I let the next blog post be in your hands or comment. Comment if you are interested.