Streaks can ruin your progress.I used to love streaks. They made me feel good. They forced me to study. They allowed me to keep going when I felt down. But this has also to do with the quality of my content. I have been writing everyday for 179 day.

That said though, even this process over the past 179 days has taught me a lot about how I create, how I write, and how my mind works. For example, I’ve realised I’m much more a night owl when it comes to writing; having the challenge of turning out 300 words every day meant I started paying more attention to how I went through my days — looking out more for stories and reflecting on little things and interactions that, at the time might not have meant anything, but eventually became a great source of inspiration or an IRL writing prompt for me. It’s certainly made me more creative and open too.

So, the blue line will come back. I’m not going to make a habit of missing it, by any means, but I’m also pre-forgiving myself (as should you, imo) for any more gaps that might appear on that line in future. Moreover, and most importantly: I’m still having fun. Thanks to those of you who take the time out to read (and even comment) on the weird, sometimes nonsensical trains of thought I bang out onto virtual paper here. I appreciate it.