When it comes to improving your marketing abilities, books are generally one of the greatest places to start. In fact, many of the most successful marketers report that books taught them some of their most significant lessons.

I’m not talking about textbooks here; I’m referring to books produced by other great marketers.

Enter Robert B. Cialdini, PhD’s Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion. This is one of the most effective sales books you can read. It not only teaches you how to utilize simple psychology to enhance your sales, but it also gives plenty of anecdotal proof to back up the claims.

There’s a reason this book is on every top marketer’s “must-read” list, and it’s sold over 3 million copies worldwide. Partly because it isn’t another “self-help” book full of trite quotations and repeated facts. More significantly, the knowledge presented here works, and it works well.

The teachings of Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion are simple yet effective. At its foundation, you discover why individuals say “yes” instead of “no” when making a purchasing decision.

You’ll discover vital lessons from one of the world’s finest marketing professors throughout 7 chapters and 237 pages (311 pages if you want to read everything). Robert B. Cialdini spent three years “undercover” to obtain the information in his book. According to his Wikipedia article, he was “applying for and training at used car shops, fund-raising groups, and telemarketing corporations to study real-life instances of persuasion” at the time.

There is no better book that blends psychology and marketing to develop an influence system. This book will almost certainly make you a better salesperson, marketer, or just more convincing in general.

That is, it will help if you take the information and put it to use. Reading a book isn’t enough; you must also make an effort to put what you’ve learned into practice. You’re essentially wasting your time if you don’t do this. Time is money, therefore let’s not squander it.

Because Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion can be read in a weekend, it’s not something you should pass up. It’s the same knowledge that many “marketing experts” will charge you $5000 to acquire in a weekend training. Which is preferable: spending $5,000 or less than $20? You may also listen to the audiobook version in between appointments or while driving.

Not reading Influence now that you know it exists is equivalent to dumping money down the toilet. I know you wouldn’t do that, so here’s a link to purchase Influence: The Persuasion Psychology. Add it to your cart and purchase it as soon as possible — procrastination is the thief of time!!!


The Psychology of Persuasion

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