High above the oasis of Earth,
Passing south pole and magnetic north,
And so forth seeing the northern light,
Morning to night
Seeing the light under us, like footlights

The space shuttles had a robotic arm.
It was called the Canadarm.
It could hold and grab thing's out in space.
Without it, there might have been some harm!

Tightening the rope, like a seat belt
Passing through the sunbelt
Starlight, star bright
Clenching my eye closed
Seeing the moon's reflection
The spacesuit is my protection.

Floating around
Surrounded by starlight,
Armour-like space suit
But not feeling alright
"something isn't alright"
The airlock depressurized
Had been utilized to many time,
The airlock was closed,
But airlock exploded
The man looked at life, last time
Hypersonic speeds and intense heat.

Woke up and felt his heartbeat
Nearly choking,
Body in sweat, soaking
Calm himself down,
looked around,
Just to be sure.