It's like Lassavirus
But Coronavirus
The world was filled iris
But the virus is like Osiris
It came silently
But became violently
It created anxiety
It closed the society
Felt pity
For the dead's family
The family, who fights for their bread
Some are unfortunate
Some are fortunate
The virus created turbulent
And reached the Maldives
The virus reached the corners of the world
It has created a netherworld
No one is allowed to go around.
There a virus called Covid-19
and it has closed everything down.
Covid-19 is like a bushfire,
Reminded me of Australias bushfire
Spreading to all parts of the world
And everyone is in fear
We can sleep late in the morning
We've nought to waken for
No work to do, but in the house
No lunches to pack any more.
We can work on jigsaw puzzles
And let the dished go
So nobody will know.
It was morning, and the news was on
Now it's dawn
What can we do?
I have no clue?
Playing chess, using only the pawn
Now I am mowing the lawn, what else can we do
In every tunnel is Cyrus
Which shines its light on us
We can be the truss of the bridge
The beautiful pepperidge
We can be as strong, as the strong nuclear force?
Of course,
Covid-19 is so mean
That everyone is in quarantine.