Exponent – poem

Made by : Muhammad ansar mehmood. 

We have a base
That the vase
Vase without the flowers
Now we need our powers
Or the exponent
Remember the two-component
Base and exponent

Kind of ironic
Everything is based around,
Two plus two is four
Two times two is four, just like before
Two to the power of two, That’s not a chore,
Just like before,
The answer is four.
Can't stop this phrase
Without Big Shaq
'Two plus two is four
Minus one that's three, quick maths'

Meaning multiplication,
is the repetition of addition
So, powers are repetitions of multiplication,
That is the definition.

Let transition,
To powers
You have the power
To understand,
You don't need,
a lot of brainpower
Don't quit
Just do it

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