Guess the country # 1

Made by : Muhammad Ansar Mehmood

Entring a country
sundry building
One building which is called after Sir benjamin hall
This country has fought in the world war
Maby it's small but it's strong
Made spitfire, to stop the invasion
Ended the invasion, which required concentration

Has monarch
A Constitutional monarch
Royal Guardsmen protecting her majesty
This country has had its tragedy
This country loves red
Has it on its flag, Said to have on Busses, post boxes and guardsmen
If you're a Rugby fan, then you should know 'The red rose'

If you still don't know this country
This country is famous for some tea
And Fish and Chips

Market food,
Spicy hot,
Fruit and veg,
Golden pots.

Big red buses
Electric trams,
Traffic jams.

Down the stairs,
To the tube
Escalators on,
The move.

Big ben,
Towering high,
Cars and taxis,
Roaming by.

A big eye
Infrastructure is high
Going slowly around
Can be found and seen from far

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