Goldilocks came upon a cozy cottage
On looking for the porridge
Looking for the bear, saw none
Done looking, time to eat felt like a bank run
Intense hot, made her tongue stung
Liberating the hotness, that ain't fun
Oww, then done with the hot ones
Continue eating the second porridge
Kid groaned "Bleck" and her tongue felt
Started to eat the last porridge, that's gold

Bet you didn't notice the secret code above
Take every alphabet
At the beginning of every sentence
Make a word
Then guess the password

Goldilocks was a girl a lack of proper manners
She needs to sit down
Wandered into the living room, looking around
"Hmph" she huffed
Were disgusted
Trying to adjust
Trying to readjust
"The chair is big as a refrigerator"
Laid later down to a medium-sized chair
"This chair is still too big! "
Wasn't fulfilled
Sat down on the little chair
Haven't felt this much care
It's not comparable
"It's comfortable "

Thinking about fixing the chair
Didn't care
"Oh well" she yawned
Time to get supercharged
Searching for a bed
Laid dead on the bed
"no, no, no, this bed was made out of granite"
Beside the bed was a pomegranate
Then sat down on mama's bed
"help" sunk in the bed, caught her hair
After a struggle
Made a guggle sound
Finally made out of their
And laid exhausted
Finally laid in the bed
Lucky for me
This one is cozy and comfy

And as soon she, went to, sleep
The three bears came home, happy as they had porridge to eat
They came inside; a little porridge eaten was all they could find

The three went to the dining room to get some rest
But the condition there was not the best
Sheets lying here and there
And the broken chair of the baby bear

In a rage, the three bears went upstairs
They found Goldilocks there and she ran down the stairs
And after that you know, everything was repaired
So this was the tale of the three bears.

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