In 2020, we’ve seen how the coronavirus pandemic has become a health crisis throughout the world. Nearly every country has dealt with this crisis, and right now, the United States is the global leader in cases, according to CNN. States have been dealing with alarming and rising cases of COVID-19, and certain states, such as Florida, are becoming the new epicenters of the virus. Many virologists argue the world hasn’t seen a health crisis like this in a long time. 

On an individual level, the coronavirus has impacted and changed almost every aspect of our lives. We wear masks, clean our hands often, and don’t go out to concerts or movies anymore. But one of the groups who has dealt firsthand with the impact of this virus is health care workers, the true heroes and heroines of our time. They have endured incredible hardships in their working environments since the onset of the crisis, and now in certain states in the U.S., hospitals are almost at capacity

What if God told you
Only had 20 minutes to live?
All the people that did you wrong,
Would you finally forgive?
Would you be panicking,
Hoping you could somehow stay longer
Did the Lord's will on Earth,
And that's what made you stronger

Would you be upset?
Would you be confused?
Would you be content or convinced
That this was bad news...
Would you be alarmed?
Would you be elated, or would you be
Full of regret because of
All the time that you've wasted?

Why don't we talk about the dead?
Until our last breath.
We don't feel prepared.
That makes us scared.
Finality and uncertainty
Death can be frightening, even for people of faith.
Attending funerals,
Seeing headlines, numerals places.
About a relevant tragedy,
That let the family tragically.
Or having a health scare,
No one can prepare for the rare death,
Not even health care can cure death.
putting a too-bright spotlight on death.

Be serviceable for humanity
Help people with constant thirst.
Humanity for first.
Love for all hated for none.
Be that one and everyone
Will become like you.
You are hydrated
Some are Dehydrated.
Donate your time,
Full-time or part-time
You are comfy,
Some can't be comfy.
Help people, Then your death
deserve some peacefulness.
Be charitable
Consider death is inevitable

You see, life is full of questions.
Some are underrated.
Like, what if you got to Heaven,
Would you be shocked that you made it?
Life is full of questions...
Some are understated…

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