Since the dawn of time, mankind has been fighting for a cause. They all have a cause to fight for eg: World War II, civil rights, the French revolution and the Russian revolution. We humans have been fighting for so many causes since the dawn of time so that we can live in an equal society. But is there anything to fight for today? Is it generally only adults who fight for something? Are they fighting alone or the tribe? How far do you go for that fight?

But do we young people have anything to fight for today? From my friends perspective, they are struggling to get likes on social media not only my friends but generally, my whole class is struggling to get likes and I know almost everyone today is struggling to get those likes.

I myself do not have much to fight for, other than doing my duties at home, otherwise, I have nothing to fight for. I think today there are generally more adults fighting for something than children do.

Is it only the adults who are fighting for something? Children around the world are struggling to get politicians to focus more on the climate, one child is very well known for his action, and that is Greta Thunberg. Greta Thunberg is 16 years old and is from Sweden, and who fights to get politicians to focus more on the climate, she was among other things who started the trend school strike for the climate. It started so management that Greta became interested in climate research, and from the start took the bike to school, waste sorting and everything, but when Greta read climate research she saw how wrong it is, she also got so angry that she decided to drop out of school, and strike up to the Swedish election. Because as she says

“We children often do not do what adults tell us to do. We do what you do. And since in adults not doing shit for my future, I would not either. My name is Greta and I go to 9th grade and I refuse to go to school until the Swedish election, for the climate ”

She stated that Greta believes that if we do not solve the climate crisis, then we young people will not have a particularly bright future.

The girl who dropped out of school just to sit and strike alone in front of the Swedish parliament now has many more supporters, and they are striking the same for a better future. Among other things, Greta has stood and spoken in front of EU leaders, and in front of UN leaders. I find it important that if you do not give your opinion, then we let our future depend on politicians, and therefore I think Greta is right, not adults who would notice it, but children in the future who would be able to feel it, it reminds me about a quote I once read “if you fight, you can lose or win. If one refuses to fight has but already lost. ”

I also think Greta takes this very seriously with the strike, she dropped the school for the strike, it just shows how far she would go for that fight and it gives a kind of confidence to her for what she is doing.

When fighting for something you would always encounter bumps on the road el. encounter hatred, the same as Greta encountered when she began the school strike. But it also matters if you are fighting for something, alone or if you are fighting with others, since we humans are herd animals, we feel safer when we are together about something.

The French Revolution could have happened because the people gathered and went against the king, but if it was just a man, the king would probably just behead him, it just shows that if we work together on something we can solve the problem the same applies to Greta and #metoo, as a movement fighting for women’s rights, it started the same as Greta’s story it was initially just a woman who became a girl of 13 years who was being sexually abused, and then she started it here with #metoo, but it was only popular when the actors Alyssa Milano came with an invitation to everyone on Twitter who has experienced sexual harassment to share their experience under #metoo, and now there are organizations that are followed in droves to have better conditions for women.

The well-known hashtag has people, and it has passed over men from Donald Trump to Peter Aalbæk. My conclusion is that you have the right to express yourself, and you must give your opinion as long as you do it, there is an important English phrase that sounds like, “making a change or making a point” when you fight for something you have to fight for it, one should not just give a point, and I also think one should not leave his struggles to others, for it is not those who control my future, it myself.

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