Black men in blue coat – poem

by : Ansar mehmood

As knight kneeled for their lords.
The black men also kneeled for white men.
But this time, out of fear. And mercy.

As the cold night left,
Many black men died.
"No more food," as they lied.
Keeping themselves warm and wide.

As the warm sunshine hit,
Everybody held their breath; for quite a bit.
The white man appeared.
Crows were shouting; then they disappeared.
Some people were doubting; that
They wouldn't return.

The black men were wounded.
It was a war that never ended.
The White Men cursing; bad names.
To the black man until the war.
Only to find, it was a suicide mission.

They left behind; only their bones
And dozens of bodies.
The black men was abandoned.

Their ambition and patriotic mindset
Met on blood, sweat and tears
the rest, white men mentioned:
"War is war people die,"
got the attention in the news.
Not once was mentioned; about the true heroes.
Not the white men,
They were arrogant
The true heroes, where
Black Americans.

R.I.P.: The forgotten black American soldiers.

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