Guess the country #8

Here is where
I grew up.
Here lie my roots
Even if I wasn't born here;

The flag is snow-white.
And rosy red.
It is said,
To be the oldest flag

With a high standard of living
Negligible poverty; and a broad range
Of public and social services; it's easy
To see why this country tops the
Happiness map. There's a high level of
Education. Public schools are top-
quality and private ones are
Affordable. The low population gives
The nation a strong sense of identity;
And country's physical beauty forms
A great backdrop to daily life.The
The weather is a bit tough, though.

This country is in Europe.
The southernmost and smallest of
The Nordic countries, it is
south-west of Sweden
And south of Norway,
bordered to the south is Germany.

And fun fact :
This country in WWII
And this isn't some glue
Border guards would
Screen homecoming people, the reason
By making them say the name of a dessert:
'Rødegrød med fløde'.
Due to its difficulty in;
German infiltrators;
could not pass the test.
And that messed the germans up.

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