Till some odd afternoon.
The alps neglect their curtains.
And we look farther on! 

Italy stands on the other side! 
While like a guard between-
The solemn alps. 
The siren alps.
Forever intervene! 

Where the rich landscape gleams with a softer hue 
The streams and vales, and hills that steal away. 

In the aqua mirror of Lucern 
Watching it’s image 
On the lion memorial of brave soldiers
weeping proudly to their country. 

With the touch of Rhine falls.
And the extreme cold of Mount Titlis

Green mountains, evergreen forests, seeing greenery everywhere
Whistling rivers, playful streams.

Such a place of wonder,
Why is it so magnificent?
Interesting that people recommend this place, 
Telling us it's great fun,
Zig-zagged peaks touching the clouds,
Efficacious creates effects beyond your dream,
Ruthless ski lifts taking us up to snowy heaven,
Land of adrenaline and exhilaration, 
Always picking you up when you're down.
 Nowhere else can quite match it, 
Don't know if I'm dreaming or I'm in heaven