Guess the country #10

The country is where my parents are from
This country is underrated
It fought for its independence
And sends warm wishes for happiness and prosperity
They took out their cricket bats
It's cricket time again
The stands are buzzing as the pitch is being prepared.
This country consider being bad,
But the people aren't bad,
You can't judge a book by its cover.
Who knew that the day,
On the 14th of August,
Will tell the world in a way,
That both East and West,
Would come to know that there stands,
A country you will guess
A lovely place, with sacred lands,
And a home for Muslim.
They fought for their independence against the Indians.
A country with peace and hope,
With friends, we can cope.

With a flag of white green combination
It proves we are an amalgamated nation.
And with a moon, and a star. 
The captain of the Pia 785 flight,
Believes in God as a light,
I was sitting in a window seat,
I came to a friend that I can't quit.
Hoisted flags,
House alight,
Enthusiasm and faces so bright,
Different shades of green and white.
They celebrated 14 Aug. in high spirits,
See the Khakis on their feet.
Hark the drummers beat,
Soldiers with their flags and guns parading with precision and zeal.
Praises and accolades to Quaid,
He has given us a reason to fight,
Fight for their country and their rights,
They usually say "Zindabad,"
Meaning live forever or a cheer.
So I say Zinderbad to this country.

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