Guess the country #11

I tried to make poem more interesting, I made this picture.

It is full of hot sandy places,
It is also home to a lot of famous faces.
Including Tutankhamen, Cleopatra and sorts,
It has me thinking with lots of thoughts.

A pyramid is something that they are famous
The palms stood motionless as Pyramids
Against the golden halo of the sky:
Interminable crops of wheat and rye
Mantled the plain with downy coverlids.

Your soil be drenched 
With the pure water of the Nile.
You are the sanctuary of my people.

Long ago, back a while,
People settled along the Nile.
It was their homeland,
Surrounded by deserts of sand.
People then worked hard for you. know,
They had to please their pharaoh.
Pharaohs ruled, pharaohs died,
Then they were mummified.
Hieroglyphs drew by hand,
Spread the story throughout the land.

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