The symbols of their country
Mean more than what we see.
A bald eagle is a symbol.
That is fierce and strong and free.

Their flag flies across the land; waves red, white, and blue.
It shows their pride in where they live.
It stands for freedom, too.

Oh! The wonderful; beauty of the Himalayas puzzles me;
The Rajasthani Thar desert sweats me;

With rivers, sweet fountains,
it's a land of high mountains,
Its frozen forests are pretty,
And are the source of prosperity.

The year 1931 was a landmark in the history
Of the flag. A resolution was passed; adopting a
Tricolour flag as their national flag. This flag, the
Forbear of the present one was saffron, white
And green with Mahatma Gandhi's spinning
The wheel at the centre. It was, however, clearly
Stated that it bore no communal significance
And was to be interpreted thus;

It has 28 states and 7; union territories
There are 18 official languages.
144 languages, 216
Mother tongues and 900 dialects
National language: English: commonly used for
National, political, commercial & educational purposes.
The largest country, 2nd populous (1.08 billion).