One aspect of geography is to learn about the many nations that exist around Earth.  In fact, some studies suggest that understanding where countries are makes us feel more diplomatic.

From the seven continents to the myriad of cultures comprised on each one, geography links us all together. Our cultures often develop as a response to the physical geography of the world around us, and to the different kinds of people we have access to. Now, with the internet, we can interact with anyone with just the click of a button.

Understanding a country’s culture is a sign of respect. It also helps to foster effective communication, a vital factor in business success. … Values and attributes such as frugality, trust and endurance may be viewed differently in other countries

When students—or executives—get to know and understand different cultures, they realize that there is more than one way of thinking and that no one way is better than another. Cross-cultural learning helps them become better employees, negotiators, leaders, and international citizens. And with this pandemic the best time for learning and no better way to learn than through the power of poems.

September 16th,
On their independence day!!
They celebrate freedom from Spain
And the ring bell for today.

A celebration with flags,
Parades, and songs too.
A celebration with fireworks

Green- symbolises independence,
White - the catholic faith-and
Red-European and american unity.
it’s now a secular nation-so
green - symbolises the nation’s hope,
White-inherent unity - and
Red - the blood of our national heroes. 

The eagle represents the people 
It is combative and defensive.
The snake represents our enemies
it is subdued and submissive.
The nopal represents our challenges,
it is in submission to the eagle.

So bring out the flag.
Of Red, White and Green,

They are famous for,
Tortillas and salsa
Are fun to eat.
On Cinco de Mayo

They dance and play music.
Until the day is done.
They hit the pinatas.
And have so much fun!