Guess the country #18

Okay, I know that I have been writing everyday for 34 days, and in those days, you might have noticing that I have been writing poems about different countrys, and there is a reason for that, which I will explain to you guys later on the year, when I am finished with it, but I can give a spoiler alert (I am writing a poem book called, guess the country).

But there will be more about that, later on. But for now, you can enjoy some poems about …… ( A country).

Carpathian mountains and deep lakes
Golden hills and Green valleys
Magical forests and clear rivers
Unique waterfalls and holy places
Ancient black sea and the mysterious Danube
Prehistoric villages and modern cities
A melodious language and authentic food
Transfagarasan road and Bucharest, the capital
Golden wheat and delicious corn
Sunflower oil and bird songs
Wild animals and the Bran castle
Art museums and so many parks
Cold winters and warm summers
Sweet springs and autumn rains
All these are treasures of our nation
Delighted visitors and proud citizens

Brown bear’s snoring, brown bear’s snoring,
in his winter sleep.
Brown bear snoring, brown bear’s snoring,
largest population to brown bear’s snoring
In Europe. 

You can see hollywood sign 
or their own sign
called Brasov sign 

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