Okay, I know that I have been writing everyday for 34 days, and in those days, you might have noticing that I have been writing poems about different countrys, and there is a reason for that, which I will explain to you guys later on the year, when I am finished with it, but I can give a spoiler alert (I am writing a poem book called, guess the country).

But there will be more about that, later on. But for now, you can enjoy some poems about …… ( A country).

The flag has black,
On the top of the stack,
But it isn't Belgium.
Siegessäule is a famous monument.
The flag has red,
On the middle stack.
But it isn't Angola
The famous wall,
People tried to haul over it.
The two worlds were split,
The east,
With population decreased,
And painted grey yeast.
The wall painted shame
Over the wall of shame
So freedom is ashamed no more
Inferno ruled too many years
Until the people chose the light
They put their faith in the west,
And gave them colours so bright.
Now they are united,
Away from the evil,
This country has 81 million people,
And on the bottom flag is the colour yellow,
It started with no-union
The country is a member of the European Union.
If you like cars,
This country invented one special; the car,
With a circle and in the middle, a star.
People glans at it.
It's a Mercedes-Benz.
Now we can test,
what country it is, and make
your guess.