Okay, I know that I have been writing everyday for 37 days, and in those days, you might have noticing that I have been writing poems about different countrys, and there is a reason for that, which I will explain to you guys later on the year, when I am finished with it, but I can give a spoiler alert (I am writing a poem book called, guess the country).

But there will be more about that, later on. But for now, you can enjoy some poems about …… ( A country).

The flag has green.
Green is the grass
Under both my feet
And green is the broccoli
My mother makes me eat!
The flag has black.
Black is the night
And a witch's hat
Black is my Mom's hair
And that witch's cat!
The flag has red.
Red is an apple
Res is a rose
Red is the colour of
My frozen, icy nose!
Kabul is a beautiful city,
Wears the rugged mountain skirt,
The road is made of dirt,
Men with a special long shirt,
"Can I have these, please?"
It was a shalwar kameez,
The family beside bought,
Some goat cheese.
The city is in peace.
But the country isn't peacefully.
Plagued by the Taliban
Their homeland was