Aissa Mandi’s home far away.
On the African coast;
This country has 90%
So hot, you don't,
need a D-vitamin,
On dust, stumble and fall;
Because we see no way out
And do not know
What direction; we should go?
All people live on the north coast.
So hot and sunny
The largest African country;
Vertical bars,
With green and white
In the middle, with a moon,
and a star.
The moon is bright red.

I can see on Algiers, Santa Cruz castle, 
M’zab, Atlas mountain … beckon my dear,
Literary petals bloom in the bosoms
from the fingers; kateb yacine, Frantz fanson, Assia djebar
Ahlam Mosteghanemi…
Enchanting pictures draw on the dew
and take into the bottom of the hearts 
when the football flies around.