I have come to realize that many of the readers have been writing to me, saying that the guess the country is a fantastics series, but (it’s always the but,) that many of the countrys might not be so easy to guess, so I will be making a answers sheet, just give me some time (if you like the post) I will post the answers when we hit “Guess the country #50”.

With 3 stripes
And a yellow sun
This is the country
Which made the first,
radio broadcasting.
It's like the podcast.
Sound blasting out.
They are reading Spanish.
Talking Spanish.
Hearing Spanish.
This is the largest,
Spanish-speaking country.
This country carries many official
Spanish, English, Italian, German, French.

In the eleventh month,
the twenty-sixth day of the year,
Two-thousand and twenty.
The sad news reaches the football community,
Has "Ceased to be!" the idol of millions from,
The Stadiums the world over.
One of the legends har died,
His soul may now glide.
The legends,
Dieago, Alfredo and Lionel Messi.
Messi is the best player.
His dribbling skills aren't as
Messy as others