A diamond on the crown of Himalayan. 
A piece of heaven on the earth, the beauty of which will fail any poet’s imagines
A country that represents genuine peace and tranquillity. 
The country is a spectacular blending of modernity and tradition
Where modern technology happily co-exists with age-old culture and convention. 

Everyone lives here with the dream 
Peoples with a real heart that beats
With the grace of beautiful kings and queens His Majesty King Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck

Monuments speak of a great history of the nation.
History of great masters, saints and great leaders.
Who sacrificed their lives for country peace.
There are many places, even today, that are still full of history.

Our flag depicts two great colours with a beautiful white dragon in the middle.
I feel that symbolises we all are one with two bodies.
Dragon in middle seems a guardian angel,
That depicts our great history.
A person big or small, rich or poor
I love this country after all.