Yellow represents all the gold 
found in the land.
Gold is in high demand. 
That’s why it’s sold, in 
like the USA.

The blue represents the seas, 
on the country-side shores
The shore is a light breeze, 
It’s close to the Gulf of Venezuela
And have a strong breeze. 
It so warm, 
that it creates storms.

Red represents the blood spilt,
On the battlegrounds where heroes were killed,
The heroes who fought for their freedom, 
they are the building stack or the foundation.
You can find high capsaicin food, 
That can change your expression

A hot mug of coffee
in your morning hour
wakes the senses 
like the sun wakes flowers.
Where did those beans come from? 

The national anthem, says : 

Oh, unfading glory! 
Oh, Immortal joy!
In furrows of pain
goodness now germinates. 

The horrible night has ceased, 
The sublime freedom
beams forth the dawn 
of its invincible light, 
The whole of humanity,
that groans within its chains,
Understands the words 
of the man who died on the cross.