When night shrouds this havana street, 
its building might be 
freshly painted, no electrical wires struggling,
for power, no despair

The island looks like a crocodile, 
That why it’s called ‘El Cocodrilo’

In a heart beat 
The rhythms do fade 
The colours do shock 

Life sandwiched in between 
Happiness, sorrow, happiness again
colours collide the senses

It’s the most populated country in the Caribbean 
With more than 11 million residents. 

Three blue bands represent the three military
districts of colonial …. - central, occidental, and

Two white bands stands for the purity of the
patriotic cause. 

Red symbolize the blood shed in the struggle for

White star is called La Estrella Solitaria the lone
star and it represents independence and freedom. 

Triangle stands for equality, strength and 
constancy equilateral triangles are Masonic
symbols for equality. 

The flag was created by Narciso López 
A New York-based exile, using the suggestions
of the poet Migual Teurbe Tolón.