A soldier is storming through the door, “Commander Silver!” He was coming to the commander, “Our forces have been devastated.”

He took a deep breath, “The enemy is at the edge of the village.”

The commander sad with black sunglasses, and looked out of the window. The soldier continued: “There are not many of us left…Should we surrender?” The Warlord looked back at the soldier, and slowly stood up from his stool, “You may surrender, soldier. But I am afraid that is a luxury I cannot afford. You have no Idea What they do to Warlords. ” He stopped to let that sink in. “If they capture me, They will torture me for weeks. ” Explosion blowing up everywhere outside the building, they knew that they are close to them. “There is no way to go…. ‘i want you, my most trusted soldier over the age of 8, to take my life. “

He took a second. “that is… my final order.” He stood straight and gave his soldier a final salute. The soldier didn’t take his eyes off the commander and gave a salute. They both took their hands down, the soldiers reached the cold metal in his belt that was hanging from his waist. “AW, AW, AW, AW” And stapped him multiply times, over and over again. “NO, DON’T… Don’t DO THAT? STOP; STOP! ” He took a big breath. “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?, AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH”‘ The soldier looked shocked, “I was trying to kill you, sir.” “Not with this! There’s a gun in the drawer!, AHHH” The soldier said “OHHHHH…So sorry. Okay. ” “Amazing, you missed every vital organ, soldier. Ahhh..ahh ” The soldier opened the drawer. “oh, found it. ” the soldier said. “ALL right, now kill me, soldier. Hurry, please!, ah” The soldier quickly shot him. “AHHHHHHHA!…..” “NOT IN THE KNEE,”

the commander said. “I thought you might want an open casket. ”

“you are an idiot! Ahhh” the commander screamed.

“Don’t say that, I did try my best. ” the soldier said.


The soldier took came closer, and said, “Goodbye, commander.”

The commander clenched his eyes. “You sorry-baby pice of Sh…” And the gun loaded. Somehow some music came into the story.

The soldier looked at his gun. “DID you just insult me as, YOU were about to fire!?” said the commander.

“Oh. Well, you had insulted me earlier. ” said the soldier. “I th…” “I thought you would be dead.” “Ah, ooh, so sorry.” He looked at his gun to avoid the embarrassment, and hit the commander so fast as possible with his gun in the cheek, repeatedly.

“STOP…Stop it!, WHAT ARE YOU DOING? ” “The gun is empty,” he said.

“Would you like I stab you again?”


“SOLDIER, there are bullets! They are over there”


“Soldier, please hurry! I am in agony” He took the bullets. “AHHHHAH!” “What the blazes, man?”

“I thought I could kill you very quickly. By hitting you with that big cooking pot. ”

“Oh, my God, would you please, I mean, please get it over with?”

“I did not find the bullet”


“But better.”

“Boiling water.”

“What are you going to do with…?”

He let the hot water over his head “AHHHHH”

He stood up, and pushed him to the side. “I SURRENDER!” “I am the general” “I am…” And he left the telt.

“Commander! Don’t go! They’ll torture you!”

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