Cheeky translator

They sat down in a very quiet room.
The old white-haired, blacked moustache mand sat down on the stool.
On the other side, a young blacked haired teacher sad down.
And in the midst of that, a young teenager.
“Ok, thank you for coming in. I’m sorry I wasn’t able to get a translator,” said the teacher
The father looked over at his son, the son answered “He says He’s sorry he couldn’t get a translator”
“Ah no problem, my son is good,” Ther father said.
“Good boy” father said in English, the only English sentence he could say.
“Ok, err so… Where do I start?… So Colten earlier on today was caught smoking in the boys’ toilet and as a result of that the fire alarms went off and the whole school had to evacuate the building…This is a massive health and safety issue, we have no choice but to exclude him from school for three days”
The dad looked at the teacher like when you pay attention to the English class, but don’t understand anything. He looked at his son.
The teacher said “Go on”
Even the dad got concerned “Colten”
“Dad, earlier today a fire started in the boy’s toilets and Colten saved a group of young students. He put himself at huge risk. To save his fellow pupils.”
The dad was surprised “Colten!”
“Your son is a hero..” he continued.
The dad stood up.
“No, I don’t believe! No, no, no. I can’t believe it. “
“I’m sorry,” the teacher said.
“Fire?” dad said.
“school?” dad said
“Dad sits down,” the son said.
“It is important that you keep Colten at home during this time. I’ll make sure he’s provided with work. I’ve got to stress, “
“stress,” dad said and bobbed his head.
“yeah, this is not a holiday “
“holiday ” dad said and bobbed his head.
“he can’t spend all his time playing Call of duty”
“Sir, you’re killing me, man,” the son said.
Awkward silence in the quiet room.
Dad looked at his son.
“he must be allowed to rest and recover from this traumatic experience, our hero’s had quite a day. I wouldn’t even say no… to a few cheeky hours on call of duty tonight”
“what?” dad said.
“PlayStation, PlayStation”
“aha, PlayStation”
“understand, understand, PlayStation.”

They all stood up and went out in the street. And the teacher said “Ok, thank you so much for coming”
“thank you very much, sir,” he said
“thank you,” he said.
“no worries, it’s cool,” the teacher said.
“thank you”
The son and the father walked away, and looked so happy for his son, and clapped him in the back.
The teacher looked strange when he saw that but just ignored it.

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