United states of opioids

In the united states of opioids. Harry Nelson paints the picture of how the opioid crisis emerged and challenges in addressing it. The crisis has explained the serious and long-standing problems in how we as a nation address substance abuse, addiction and recovery. I highly recommend the book as a starting point or a framework for thinking seriously about the crisis. And I haven’t experienced the horror myself, but I’ve been “following” this crisis for some time : reading some articles now and then, and even seen documentaries where people are taking so many drugs.

Pain killers, high blood pressure medicine and so on. But this book highlights why? How? And tells the history of the crisis which has been going for some while, even Michael Jackson, Marilyn Monroe, Elvis etc. died of overdosing. And it does raise the question, how many before we act?

Or it seems that we are basically addicted to their pills, but they are addicted to the money. This insightful book provides not just how we got to this point in the opioid crisis, but what we can do moving forward to help stop it. One of the key insights he addresses is that this is not a global epidemic, but just a crisis in America, but he goes into why? Harry is trying to help others with this book, he wants to get more attention on the topic , so more people realize that the opioids overdose is a serious matter, which can kill you. First thing to do to help solve this crisis is accessing good information which is the key to overcome bad addiction of reality.

He does that with the help of doctors and people who have unfortunately lost their son, mother, father etc. to the addictive substance which only creates an evil cycle. The book made me wonder why we haven’t solved the crisis yet or why we just let the problem bypass as if other professions would find the solution and then complain why we haven’t solved it, it starts with one good book that explains it. knowledge is important, knowledge can lead to solutions, and solutions lead to fewer deaths. I found the book so informative that there isn’t anything negative about it, so I quite liked it. 

The book explores the nature of the opioid crisis both broadly and deeply. His expertise provides a dimension not found in other books on the subjects. Must read book. Give this book 4 out of 4

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